symptoms of trichotillomania

Symptoms of Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is a disorder which creates a sudden urge to pull out your hair from various parts of body which includes scalp and eyebrows. It leads to a kind of anxiety followed by a sense of satisfaction once you pull out the hair. This disorder could arise due to various reasons. These reasons could vary from stress, depression or trauma.
Apart from medically affecting a person, trichotillomania can affect a person both in physical and psychological way. For a few the problem could persists for weeks while others may experience this issues for years. The symptoms for trichotillosis include constant biting and chewing of pulled out hair, contentment after pulling out hair and patchy area of missing hair. Trichotillomania is slightly more likely if it runs in the family.
Listed below are few symptoms that are closely related to Trichotillomania:

  • Constant biting, eating or chewing your pulled-out hair
  • A sudden feeling of anxiety before pulling your hair
  • A sigh of relief once you pull out your hair
  • Short or thin hair including sparse and missing patches of hair
  • A sudden attack of anxiety or tension before you pull out the hair
  • It creates a psychological distress in a person
  • Fluctuations in the mood levels of an individual
  • A sudden development some other medical condition

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