From among all the other factors, stress seems to be a prime culprit in precipitating high blood pressure. Although stress is universal, individual responses to stress are different. If you fall into the following categories you are more prone to develop hypertension.


If you are a highly work-oriented person who tends to operate under enormous pressure, you are prone to high blood pressure.

Highly Aggressive Nature

If you are highly aggressive, short tempered, and a person who possesses more capacity to work compared with others at your workplace, you are prone to high blood pressure.

All Work, No Play

If you are least interested in fun-loving activities and consider it a waste of time, you are making yourself highly vulnerable to high blood pressure.

Hard Worker driving others to perform

If you are not only a hard worker, but also drive people around to deliver the goods consistently, you are highly prone to high blood pressure.

One Who enjoys pressure

If you are a person who enjoys being under pressure, although it’s a good quality to have, it makes you vulnerable to high blood pressure.

If stress-sensitive persons are exposed to stressful conditions over a prolonged period of time, their blood vessels get constricted as a response to stress. This constriction causes the blood pressure to rise.

August 22, 2016

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