Stress could rank right at the top of all the major factors that cause or precipitate high blood pressure (HBP). Stress might be a universal phenomenon, but the response of people to stress is very different. If stress-sensitive people are exposed to various types of stressful conditions over a period of time, their blood vessels tend to get constricted as a response to stress. This constriction causes the blood pressure to rise.

People prone to develop stress

  • People who are work-oriented and operate under immense work pressure
  • People who are aggressive, short-tempered and possess the capacity to work more than others
  • People disinterested in leisure and fun activities, considering it a waste of time
  • People who apart from being hard workers are drivers and motivators for other team members
  • People who enjoy being under pressure

How to combat stress

Stress is something one cannot totally avoid in a highly competitive professional world today. However, there are a few ways in which we could combat stress. For finding out effective methods for combating stress, keep reading.

Chilling out

One of the easiest ways in which we could manage our mental stress is by chilling out. Now, what does chilling out mean here? Definitely not sitting in a fridge, that wouldn’t help. Chilling out here means relieving mental through meditation, going on a vacation, taking time out for yoga sessions, or simply relax by ignoring the world around you. These methods could help you manage your stress levels effectively.


Pranayam or simple breathing exercises can help us lower blood pressure, calm our galloping heart, and improve our digestion. Breathing has a direct connection with our emotional states and moods. When people get angry, their breathing becomes rapid or irregular. During such moments, if you make a conscious effort to breathe slowly, deeply, and regularly, you will most likely prevent a rise in blood pressure. If we simply remove all other thoughts that occupy our mind, keep a calm mind, think of good things such as nature, important moments of our life, and meditate through practicing the breathing techniques of pranayama, we will most likely attain a stress-free and calm mind. This reduces chances of HBP.

Get rid of extra pounds

Another effective way of dealing with high blood pressure is a well-planned weight loss regime. People who are overweight must begin a gradual weight loss program, it will help. In fact, the most effective lifestyle change that anyone suffering from hypertension can make is well-planned weight loss and health management.

June 15, 2016

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