people who can get affected with bed wetting

Who Can Get Affected with Bed Wetting

Bed wetting is a common health disorder, which majority of children face during their childhood.  Though it is not an extremely serious disorder, it can often be an embarrassing issue among kids. Rarely, it even tends to sometimes run in families and appears more commonly among boys, when compared to girls; experts estimate the ratio as roughly as 2 boys to 1 girl.
It is normal for children to wet the bed while sleeping during early years of childhood. Bed wetting is typically not even considered to be a problem. However, if it continue, even past the age of seven, it is then that bed-wetting to point to a serious health issue.
Bed-wetting in children is often simply a result of immaturity. The age at which children become able to control their bladders during sleep is variable. Bladder control is a complex process that involves the coordinated action of the muscles, nerves, spinal cord and brain. In this case, the problem will resolve in time. On the other hand, it may be an indication of an underlying medical condition, such as obstruction of the urinary tract. However, if bed-wetting persists beyond the age of 6 or 7, you should consult your pediatrician, at the earliest. 

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September 15, 2016

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