Life is too short to have regrets. Don’t let joint pain stop you from doing the things you love. Here are 6 safe ways to get relief from joint pain.
Our joints keep us running. However, due to unhealthy lifestyles, injuries, or old age, you may experience pain, stiffness or inflammation in them. This pain, if left untreated, could cause severe mobility problems.

Lose some weight

Excess weight puts more pressure on joints, causing pain and inflammation. Reducing your weight, even slightly, will help lessen joint pain.

Try mild exercise

Exercise makes your joints flexible and reduces stiffness. Include mild exercises, such as stretching or brisk walking into your daily routine, for a noticeable pain reduction.

Hot & cold therapy

Begin your day with a hot water bath. Hot water lessens pressure on muscles, thus relieving joint pain. Also, placing a bag of frozen peas onto the affected area provides quick relief from pain and inflammation.

Eating the right food

Include Omega 3 fatty foods such as fish and haldi, which possess anti-inflammatory properties; into your diet to treat joint pain.

Massage therapy

Gentle massaging of joints will reduce stiffness and improve movement. Take the help of a physical therapist for better results.

Herbal supplements

Herbs such as Guduchi, Indian Sarsaparilla, and Manjistha, will help purify your blood, build healthy fat tissues, and provide relief from joint pains. You can consume them raw or in the form of tea.

August 26, 2016

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