There are answers for arthritis in ancient folk medicine mostly revolving around diet. New medical discoveries now prove that some foods aggravate inflammation while others alleviate it. In some cases, eliminating certain foods has known to bring about some relief. However, in most cases, arthritis may be inherited and not really connected to diet. However, food reactions are highly individual and one has to find out which food triggers the inflammation.
In order to nab the villain, it would be wise to go on an elimination diet for a week. Limit your intake to a few foods such as herbal teas, vegetable soups (excluding tomatoes, capsicum, potatoes, brinjals, and green chillies) and vegetable juices made from carrots, beetroot, spinach, and coriander. If the symptoms improve, add other cereals such as jowar, bajra, pulses, and some nuts and seeds. Avoid all kinds of meats, milk, eggs, wheat, corn, citrus fruits, cheese, black pepper, mono sodium glutamate (ajinomoto), food preservatives, and refined sugar for the next two months.
Then get on to all these foods one by one. Never introduce more than one type of food in less than two days’ time. If there is a recurrence of inflammation within two days of consumption, reject that food completely. If you are cleared of your symptoms in spite of adding wheat, corn, or milk products, go on adding them one after the other, but never all at once. In this way, you will be able to identify the allergen.

August 31, 2016

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