Healthy lifestyle choices are crucial as they help improve psoriasis and your overall health. Maintaining healthy weight, getting proper nutrition and taking good care of your skin and scalp go a long way in managing the condition. Here are some lifestyle changes that help manage the symptoms of psoriasis.


Stress, in certain cases, is a major cause of psoriasis. So, what’s the best way to deal with stress? Meditation! Studies have shown that meditation relieves stress and alleviates anxiety. Yoga and deep-breathing exercises can lower stress in some people. Walk, practice yoga, aerobic exercises or get some acupuncture and see what is most effective and suits your lifestyle.

Don’t overeat junk food

Most junk foods are inflammatory, hence avoid them if you are suffering from psoriasis. Avoid excess of saturated fats, trans fats and salt. Instead increase intake of protein from lean meat and seafood and opt for low-fat dairy products. Eat whole foods such as fruits and green leafy vegetables and walnuts.

Lose weight

Being overweight can make your psoriasis severe, so try to shed some kilos to manage the condition. Studies have shown that losing weight can improve psoriasis, especially if you have psoriatic arthritis.
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Avoid harsh skincare products

Deodorant soaps and scrubs can cause irritation. Similarly, fragrances, dyes and other skincare products that contain chemicals can cause itching. Use Epsom salt or take oatmeal bath to get rid of scales and itching.

Quit alcohol & smoking

Excessive drinking and smoking are not part of a healthy lifestyle and can cause psoriasis flare-ups. Drinking can affect psoriasis treatment, while smoking can increase the risk of developing psoriasis. Give up on these unhealthy habits to manage psoriasis.

Take good care of your skin & scalp

Psoriasis patients often report of lesions on the scalp, which can be mild or severe. Not keeping your scalp clean can increase inflammation and itching. Use mild shampoos – mostly chemical-free. Remember to condition your hair as it adds moisture back to your scalp. To keep your skin healthy, moisturise it regularly. This will also reduce dryness and scaling. Apply apple cider vinegar or an aloe vera gel to reduce redness caused by psoriasis. Turmeric also helps due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Take care with medicines

Some medicines for heart diseases and high blood pressure can trigger psoriasis or make it worse. So, before consuming any medicine, consult your doctor.
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July 24, 2018

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