It is said that beauty is an inside job! Certain foods help the skin maintain its elasticity. If your skin is supple, your smiles or frowns can be rubbed off the face easily. However, if your skin becomes dry, you get smile lines or frown lines imprinted on your face.

  1. When skin loses elasticity: Wrinkles usually form when the skin loses its elasticity. To some extent it is a result of aging. They first appear around the eyes and the around the lips as in ‘laugh lines’. It is true that as we age our skin becomes dryer and thinner which leads to the formation of wrinkles. However, nutritional blunders committed by us cause the same deterioration of the skin identical to that caused by aging.
  2. Inadequate intake of vitamin C: Consuming inadequate is a blunder. It helps to form the connective tissue, makes the skin supple, and prevents it from drying. You need to take at least 500mg of vitamin C daily to get its skin protecting benefit. This amount is available in a regular vitamin C supplement available in most pharmacies. Natural sources of vitamin C include guava, oranges, capsicums, cabbage, grape fruit, sour lime, and papaya.
  3. Over exposure to sun: This is another factor that dries up the skin. The ultraviolet – A rays that are present all day long are responsible for this damage. Sun bathing fortunately is not a major pass time here in India, but normal day to day activities like walking in the sun, driving, marketing can cause sun damage & dry up your skin.
  4. Smoking is an issue: Smoking makes your skin more vulnerable to wrinkles. Smoking causing constriction of the arties, thus reducing the oxygen & other nutrient delivery to the cells. Reduced nutrients & oxygenation to the cells causes them to dry up. Furthermore, every cigarette uses up at least 20mg of vitamin C. A chain smoker is therefore deficient in Vitamin C, which affects the connective tissue of the skin and makes it wrinkle and sag.

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August 31, 2016

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