Incorrect dieting can bring about is sagging skin

One of the worst consequences incorrect dieting can bring about is sagging skin. Most women in their twenties and thirties have enough skin elasticity and hence, they rarely face this problem. However, post fifty, a lot of women experience sagging skin after a quick weight loss programme. This can certainly be avoided by taking vitamin, mineral, and essential oil supplements such as vitamins A, B-Complex and C, GLA, and flaxseed oil. If you are under sixty, the looseness usually disappears within three months after the weight is maintained. Weight loss that is sensible and steady will hardly have such problems.
Dry skin leads to the formation of wrinkles. Many women complain that after a day or two of fasting, their skin looks dry and parched. Wrinkles are likely to appear on very low-calorie diets followed for a prolonged period of time. Most women follow their own patterns of weight loss, which includes missing breakfast and lunch and eating a moderate dinner. This brings about a severe cut in the calorie consumption and also creates water loss leading to de-hydration. This in turn brings about wrinkle formation. The salt and carbohydrates you get from your regular diet, bind water in the tissues. A large cut in calories would reduce intake of carbohydrates and salt, automatically leading to diuresis and dry skin.
Then there are women who thrive on ‘just boiled food’ and boast of fast and excessive weight loss. Women on very low fat intake fail to manufacture enough female hormones to have a regular menstrual cycle, says Dr Atkins, author of ‘Dr Atkins Nutrition Breakthrough.’ It is advisable to eat a lot of nuts and seeds such as almonds, peanuts, flax meal, and walnuts as an in-between snack during a weight-loss program. These would provide the necessary oils required by the body.

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August 31, 2016

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