Symptoms of Lichen Planus

Lichen planus can affect several parts of one’s body, including the ears, wrists, back, genitals, vaginal area, scalp and even the mouth. Therefore, the signs and symptoms of this skin disorder may vary depending upon the areas of the body which are affected. However, typical noticeable signs and symptoms of lichen planus include the following:

  • A rash which appears abruptly.
  • Purplish, flat-topped bumps, most often on the inner forearm, wrist or ankle, and sometimes on the external genitals.
  • Severe itching which worsens at night.
  • Clumps or patterns of flat topped lumps.
  • The first rash attack may continue for over a week.
  • A rash which leaves behind dark brown or grey spots on the skin.
  • Appearance of blisters that may break to form scabs or crusts
  • Appearance of lacy white patches or blistering in the mouth — inside the cheeks or on the gums, lips or tongue.
  • Painful oral or vaginal ulcers or rashes along the lining of the vagina.
  • Rashes on the genital or vaginal areas which cause sexual intercourse to become painful.
  • Noticeable hair loss.
  • Discoloration of one’s scalp.
  • Noticeable nail damage or loss.
  • Blunting of one’s sense of taste.
  • A feeling of dryness in one’s mouth which is worsened by the consumption of spicy or crispy foods.

The Health Total approach

 Lichen planus is an autoimmune disease, caused mainly due to abnormalities in one’s immunity system. It causes flat-topped lumps to appear on the skin, which are often itchy and can also result in the discolouration of skin. Our approach helps stabilize and strengthen the immunity system, as well as treats the disorder by preventing the lumps from appearing on the skin.

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December 19, 2019

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