10 Major Mistakes Of Your Weight Loss Journey

 Are you struggling to get in shape by shedding excess kilos? Are your weight loss efforts failing to offer you desired outcomes despite following a good workout routine and integrated diet plan for weight loss? If you answered affirmatively, you might be making some significant errors while treading on your weight loss journey. The fact is that weight loss is not a piece of cake as it appears to be. Right weight loss efforts in the right direction by following the guidance of certified dieticians can help you. While you follow diet plans to achieve sustainable weight loss healthily, it is equally important to avoid certain common errors which most of us are bound to make while shedding extra kilos. Expert dieticians are aware of these roadblocks so their guidance can be beneficial in making your weight loss journey smooth. Check out the list of major weight loss mistakes to avoid.

10 Major Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid To Get In Shape:

  1. Eliminating an Entire Food Group:

When trying to lose excess kilos, people often end up cutting out a specific food group completely from their diet. For instance, eliminating foods rich in carbohydrates. Such complete elimination of a particular food group results in following an unbalanced diet. Additionally, it may also make you suffer from deficiencies of certain essential nutrients. Following this kind of unbalanced diet is not sustainable for a long nor it offers you sustainable weight loss benefits. Diet plans for weight loss with integrated ways are effective in achieving sustainable weight loss healthily. Also, it can help you get in shape without taking a toll on your health. So, consult expert dieticians for integrated diet plans for weight loss.


  1. Skipping Meals:

One of the most common major mistakes that most of us make while doing weight loss efforts is skipping breakfast and some of the meals. You may think that decreasing your intake of calories by skipping breakfast or meals can accelerate your weight loss. However, the fact is that skipping meals result in making you overeat in the next meal. Additionally, skipping your regular breakfast and meals impacts your metabolism, blood glucose level, and energy adversely. Be aware that your eating patterns, which includes the distribution and frequency of eating in the entire day, affect your weight loss journey. And, skipping meals is not a healthy solution. An integrated diet plan for weight loss with the guidance of a certified nutritionist can prove worthy.

  1. Focusing on Low-Fat or Diet Foods:

Most people struggling to lose weight focus on eating processed low-fat foods. Often, such ‘diet’ or low-fat foods are regarded as healthy food choices to get in shape. However, the fact is that they have the opposite effect on your weight loss efforts. Most of these processed low-fat foods are abundant in sugar and artificial sweeteners to enhance their flavour. Besides this, the intake of low-fat foods also makes you experience more appetite than usual and you end up increasing your food intake than the actual requirement of your body. So, instead of opting for low-fat foods, choose to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, as they are naturally low in fats and loaded with essential nutrients.

  1. Replacing Meals with Fluids:

Substituting solid foods with liquids is another major weight loss mistake to avoid. You may think that green juices can be the best replacement for your meals, however, that’s not true. These fluids lack some crucial nutrients. For instance, green juices are deficient in proteins and fibre. Proteins are essential to build up and maintain muscle mass, and fibre is necessary to satiate your appetite and promote smooth digestion. Some people choose smoothies as a meal replacement, however, it’s not a healthy choice as smoothies are packed with sugar and sweeteners. Diet plans for weight loss with integrated ways can help you make the right food choices for meals and prevent you from replacing meals with any unfavourable options.

  1. Lack of Proteins in Your Diet:

Adequate intake of proteins is essential when you are making efforts to lose weight. Some of us may overlook or skip adding protein-rich foods to our weight loss diet, and this can be a prominent mistake in losing weight healthily. The intake of proteins is beneficial for weight in several ways. Proteins prevent loss of muscle mass while losing weight, make you feel full for longer, helps reduce the weight regained and improve and maintain metabolism. Thinking that proteins are available in abundance in animal-based foods, such as meat, most of you may skip protein-rich options in your diet. However, that’s not the fact, you can find enough proteins in plant-based foods, such as beans, flaxseeds, legumes, and quinoa.

  1. Inadequate Intake of Fibre:

Insufficient intake of fibre can be unfavourable to your weight loss efforts and health in general. Soluble fibre helps make you feel full, regulate your appetite, and prevent you from overeating. Also, it helps you lose weight and experience reduced waist circumference, thereby aiding your efforts to get in shape. Adequate intake of fibre also helps improve digestion and minimize your risk of developing chronic health issues. Opting for an integrated diet plan for weight loss can help ensure your sufficient intake of fibre.

  1. Neglecting Adequate Water Intake:

Staying hydrated is the key to losing weight healthily. Water has a pivotal role in determining your overall weight and body mass. It is a crucial component of a healthy body. If you stay dehydrated by neglecting intake of adequate water while making efforts to lose weight, it impacts the fat-burning process in your body adversely, promotes the excessive intake of calories, and reduces your metabolism. As a result, you may experience a significant drop in your energy level that may make you feel fatigued and prevent you from staying active. So, not keeping your body hydrated can be one of the prominent weight loss mistakes to avoid.

  1. Eating Fast:

Another common weight loss mistake to avoid is eating fast. When you eat fast, it is more likely that you end up overeating. When you eat your food slowly, you chew it well and enjoy every bite you savour. This helps your body signal your brain to curb eating when you eat enough and are full. So, it’s wise to chew and eat food slowly and avoid snacking while watching television. This will prevent you from eating fast and support your weight loss efforts.


  1. Relying Only on Regular Workouts:

While diet and exercise go hand in hand in a successful attempt to achieve your weight loss goals, some foodies may believe that rigorous workouts alone are effective enough to achieve desired weight loss. Depending only on workouts is one of the major weight loss mistakes to avoid. It won’t help you shed desired kilos of weight, and, even if you end up losing weight, it may not be sustainable as you are completely dependent on exercise for weight loss. While it’s important to practice moderate exercises, yoga, or a good workout routine in a gymnasium, it is equally important to follow the right healthy diet for sustainable weight loss. Anintegrated diet plan for weight loss can help you lose weight effectively and healthily.

  1. Overindulging on the Weekends:

Most of us making weight loss efforts happen to follow a strict diet and exercise routine on the weekdays, but enjoy indulging in fast and junk food on the weekends. This is a harmful weight loss mistake that we should avoid. Most of us have relaxed weekends that may tempt us to savour more delicious food and exercise less. So, keep up your diet plans and exercise routine even on the weekends to achieve desired weight loss.

Now that you are aware of these major mistakes that can hinder your weight loss efforts, be sure you avoid them. The guidance of expert dieticians, such as certified nutritionists at Health Total, can prove highly beneficial in avoiding possible mistakes while shedding extra kilos. Waste no time, get in touch with us at Health Total to avoid common weight loss errors and get in shape by following a customised integrated diet plan for weight loss .

January 17, 2022

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