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4 Healthy Diet Tips to Beat Weight Gain this Festive Season!

4 Healthy Diet Tips to Beat Weight Gain this Festive Season!

Diwali is just around the corner! And we all know what that means, food, sweets and weight gain! But don’t worry, there are some smart ways to get around it!

While you load up on yummy food and mithai this Diwali, don’t lose out on your health. Here are some great healthy diet tips to help you beat weight gain and stay slim this festive season!

Detox Regularly

Detoxification is one of the most effective ways to lose weight naturally. A daily detox can help boost metabolism, keep your liver healthy and keep a check on weight gain.

However, you don’t need to load up on expensive juices or fat loss meals to detoxify your body.  Here is a list of easily-available foods which will you detoxify your liver and help you lose weight in the bargain!

  • Green leafy vegetables (spinach, cabbage)
  • Deep-coloured vegetables (beetroot, tomato, carrot)
  • Fresh fruits
  • Vegetable juices
  • Kitchen spices (jeera, cinnamon, haldi)

Opt for Homemade

Diwali mithais come in many varieties, shapes, sizes and packages! There are several brands available in the market which provide different varieties of Diwali snacks and sweets. However, packaged mithais contain a ton of unhealthy preservatives, sugar and calories.

This Diwali why not try making some yummy sweets of your own! This way you will have complete control over your calorie intake and they will be free from preservatives. Click here for some healthy and low-calorie mithai options!

Eat Mini-Meals

Many of us believe that starving is one of the best ways to lose weight. However, this is a completely wrong perception! While you are depriving your body of food, your metabolism and digestion rates begin to slow down. This, in turn, can backfire on your efforts and lead to weight gain instead.

So don’t starve yourself because you think it will make up for the heavy meal you had last night. Instead load up on mini-meals throughout the day such as a tasty sprout salad, vegetable smoothies, or fresh fruit salads.

Make Healthy Swaps

Did you know, you can cut down on a ton of unhealthy calories by simply making these healthy swaps in your cooking!

  • Replace sugar with jaggery
  • Replace normal oil with olive oil
  • Replace sharbhat with fresh fruit juice
  • Replace sugary sweets toppings with dry fruits & seeds

Sugar is something you just can’t avoid during Diwali. When you are visiting friends and relative’s houses, saying ‘no’ to sweets is simply unacceptable! So what does one do in such a situation? Simple! All you need to do is simply look for the healthiest option available. So instead of a sugar-loaded halwa opt for a dry fruit barfi or instead of a cold sharbat ask for a fresh lime juice!

So now you can go ahead and have a happy ‘cheat-week’ Diwali! Just remember to detoxify your body daily and follow these festive diet tips to help keep off those Diwali kilos!


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