4 Ways to help you Fight Weight Gain While you Age

4 Ways to Fight Weight Gain While you Age

Although age brings you experience and wisdom, it also has the tendency to bring excess weight, health disorders, and a lot more into your life. Out of all these health disorders, weight gain could be a major concern for your health. This is simply because excess weight makes you vulnerable to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, increased risk of heart disease, and joint pains among other metabolic disorders. If you are able to get your weight under control, then nothing can stop you from becoming fit and healthy. Listed below are the 4 best ways to help you fight weight gain as you age:
Stay away from stress
As you grow, your responsibilities also increase. With greater responsibilities comes the greater amount of stress that can take you that much closer to weight gain. The best way to avoid stress is to practise meditation, pranayama, or deep breathing.
Exercise to stay fit
Exercise or physical activities such as walking, swimming, or yoga is very important especially for those who are ageing. It keeps you active and allows you to stay away from gaining extra pounds.
Increase protein intake
Ageing is a phase where your bones get weak, your body becomes fragile, and you start experiencing a lot of physical changes. In order to combat these challenges, it is important for you to incorporate an adequate amount of protein in your diet that will help you stay strong.
Manage sleeping hours
Do not lose your sleep at any cost. Improper sleeping hours can have some serious implications on your health. It is also one of the main reasons for weight gain. It’s simple – sleep more and lose more!

August 22, 2016

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