5 health issues related obesity

Obesity has now become one of the most common concerns for mankind. If not controlled at the right time, it may lead to a lot of other health issues which might pose a threat to your life.
It is often seen that people who are obese get affected by Type-II Diabetes. Obesity causes a person to become insulin resistance due to which sugar level rises and makes him further diabetic.
When the fats found in your bloodstream go out of balance, it leads to high cholesterol. People who are obese are most likely to get affected with High Cholesterol.  It can only be controlled through weight loss and by keeping a check on your diet.
High Blood Pressure
An obese person has an extra amount fat in the body. These fat tissues need excess oxygen and force the heart to pump more blood. The increased flow of the blood creates a pressure on the walls of the arteries that leads to an increase in blood pressure levels. To bring down the pressure level, it is important to control your weight and stay fit.
Heart Disease
Being obese blocks the arteries and reduces the flow of blood to the heart muscles. It causes chest pain or might even increase the chances of a heart attack.
Psychological Effects
In a world, where physical appearances make a huge difference to people, being obese might just take your charm away. Your inability to stay fit and active can reduce your confidence level and affect your morale to a great extent.

August 22, 2016

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