Leg cramps
A calcium deficiency along with low potassium levels may lead to leg cramps. Supplementing these minerals along with vitamin E may help us get rid of leg cramps.
Can sometimes be a result of hunger. A lot of dieters tend to eat less at dinnertime. Another likely cause of insomnia is exercising late in the night. It makes one feel active and disturbs the sleeping pattern. Taking vitamin B supplements late in the night may also lead to sleeplessness. The minerals calcium and magnesium are required to calm the nervous system and the muscles. A lot of women are prone to insomnia eight to ten days before their periods due to the low levels of calcium in their blood. Taking supplements of calcium and magnesium or drinking a hot glass of milk at bedtime will help.
Bad breath
People who skip meals or avoid in between meals for long durations are likely to develop this problem. Un-neutralized hydrochloric acid is the cause. Snack between meals on high fibre foods such as fruits, almonds, and whole-wheat crackers to prevent bad breath.
Stretch marks
A lot of people believe that rapid weight loss can give them stretch marks. Actually stretch marks are caused by rapid weight gain and are caused due to ruptures in the skin’s elastic fibers. That’s why stretch marks are a common phenomenon in pregnant women because the skin is unable to cope with the speed of weight gain and the skin fibres get overstretched. Adolescent girls who grow curves too fast may get them on their breasts, hips, and upper arms. On losing weight, the skin relaxes and these stretch marks become prominent. Some researchers have also linked stretch marks to zinc and vitamin B6 deficiencies.
Smoking and dieting
Unnecessarily, large calorie cuts dehydrate the skin and smoking causes further injury. The skin becomes doubly susceptible to damage from dryness and wrinkles. The carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke reduces the blood haemoglobin levels. People who smoke and diet without taking iron supplements have diminished haemoglobin levels. Blood supply to the skin is further cut off due to the nicotine content in cigarettes. Moreover, the nutrient and oxygen supply to the cells suffers, hampering the skin’s rejuvenating capacity, making it age faster.

August 31, 2016

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