Did you know that one regular peg or two ounces of gin, vodka, rum, or scotch contains about 150 calories? Even a four-ounce-glass of port wine is about 170 calories. Alcohol increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid and gastric juices in the stomach stimulating our appetite.
It also strips the body of vital nutrients such as zinc and vitamin B and C. Thus, dehydrating is the effect of alcohol that the body uses up 240ml water to metabolize one ounce of pure alcohol. The water needed is drawn from the cells leaving us high and dry. It dehydrates the skin making it prone to wrinkles. When taken on an empty stomach, it instantly enters the bloodstream and delivers a greater punch compared with drinking on a full stomach. Food impedes alcohol absorption. Moreover, alcohol upsets blood sugar making you insulin resistant and more prone to weight gain.
Booze in moderation does not harm the skin, but more than two glasses of alcohol a day robs the skin of its moisture. If we cross our drinking quota on a particular night, try to replace lost water by drinking lots of fluids the next day and eating something salty to retain the moisture in your tissues. Vitamin B6 has a lot to do with the skin’s oil balance. Most people are deficient in this vitamin and alcohol further depletes the B vitamins.

August 31, 2016

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