There are several reasons that give rise to dry itchy skin, especially when they follow fad diets. Itchy skin is a warning signal for multi-nutrient deficiencies or it could be an indication of adult onset diabetes. It is also seen in hypothyroid patients, especially in winter. An iron, B-complex, or EFA deficiency could be the likely cause.
Reasons for chipped nails can vary from calcium, protein, zinc, and iron deficiencies to hypothyroidism. Poor blood circulation can also be blamed for unhealthy nails. People with cold hands, cold feet, and brittle nails should step up their aerobic exercises, which help strengthen the entire cardiovascular system.
Most people on a well-planned diet don’t face a hair loss problem but a deficiency in proteins, calcium, vitamin A, zinc, iron, or the B vitamins can be the reason behind one’s shedding hair. Sometimes, it is due to a deficient diet or due to the body’s inability to absorb these nutrients from the diet. Moreover, there are times when the body is stripped of essential nutrients due to an illness, stress, or emotional turmoil. Taking calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A and B supplements, and increasing the protein content in our diet can easily curb hair loss.

August 31, 2016

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