5000 year old remedies to weight management

5000 Year Old Remedies Ayurveda Weight Management

Ayurveda is a very old form of treatment. Its origin can be traced back to more than 5000 years. This natural form of medicine is mentioned in the old books of wisdom in India, known as Vedas.

This form of medicine pays more attention in balancing various aspects of an individual’s life like; their thoughts, daily diet, & lifestyle, using natural herbs. Being informed about Ayurveda enables one create a lifestyle which can help balance their body, mind as well as consciousness.

Our health experts manage weight loss with natural ayurvedic herbs. Ayurveda is a chosen form of medicine because it focuses not only on cosmetic changes but tries to enhance the complete way of living. Its closeness to nature has a healing as well as the preventive impact on anyone who chooses to follow it.

Ayurveda & Body Types

As per Ayurveda, human bodies are made up of three kinds or Prakrutis: Kapha, Pitta & Vata. This form of medicine gives more attention to the root cause of any illness rather than just dealing with the symptoms.

Ayurveda has allotted 3 different body types depending on the concentration and dominance of the Doshas. We have to understand every individual will have a different combination of body type depending upon the dosha which is dominant in their constitution.

Below mentioned are the three types of doshas as per Ayurveda

Vata type

 This type of people will be highly active and mobile. They are quick learners and creative but can have a fickle mind set, especially if their vata is imbalanced.

Individuals with this constitution are tall, thin with comparatively small body frame. They may have a long face with sunken or depressed cheeks. They tend to have dry and rough skin lacking luster. They have an intolerance for the cold. They are physically weak. They lack restful sleep. They are forgetful, active and talkative.

Pitta type

These individuals are very driven, determined and focused. Normally they are quite intelligent and can grasp things very fast. People with this constitution are generally of medium and height. Skin is very soft and reddish. They have more appetite. They show moderate strength and stamina. They have difficulty tolerating heat. Such person often have clarity of mind and sharp speech.

Kapha type 

Kapha individuals are very grounded, stable and reliable. This type of individuals very close to their families and loved ones. They are quite realistic in life and are generally tender and caring. In case Kapha gets imbalanced, the Kapha body types could become obsessive and overly possessive. Kapha prakruti person shows large body frame, generally overweight. The skin is soft but pale and cold. They have very beautiful big white eyes and cheeks are chubby. They have a low appetite and can be a little sluggish in their activities. They tend to sleep for a longer time. They are calm and can have a tendency to be less active, however, they have a good stamina.

Ayurveda & Toxins

This form of medicine believes that people who are overweight have a large amount of ama(toxins) inside their bodies. This prevents the liver from performing its optimal best. For those who are loaded with ama or toxins, Ayurveda advises them to undergo a Panchakarma (a way of Ayurvedic detox). This also aids weight loss since detoxification is a crucial step in any weight loss program. But for those who find it difficult to go a Panchakarma, some useful herbs are suggested as mentioned below:

Trikatu: It is made by combining black pepper, ginger and pippali (Indian long pepper). It stimulates digestive fire (agni). A strong digestive system helps speed up the metabolism which helps fight excessive weight gain.

Triphala: It is well known as a very good detoxifier. It removes impurities making your skin glow. It also acts as a digestive aid. Helps to eliminate accumulated waste in the system. Also, superb for eliminating constipation.

Guggul: It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to remove fat, excess fluid as well as toxins.

Gymnema: helps to balance blood sugar levels and also reduces sugar cravings.

Our team has a trained and experienced set of Ayurvedic doctors, who specialize in weight management using time tested natural and ayurvedic weight loss remedies. Those who are serious about losing weight can get an appointment for their first free consultation. Simply call on 1-800-843-0206 and Get Your Consultation.

November 15, 2016

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