Do Apples Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, indeed! An apple a day can definitely keep the extra fat away from your body. Apple is one of the most amazing fruits rich in fibre, minerals, and vitamins. Moreover, apples contain non-digestible compounds that promote the growth of good bacteria in our gut, helping us lose weight naturally and effectively.

The fact that apples are a goldmine of nutrition is not a secret.

Here are some ways that the nutrients in apples keep those doctors miles away from you and help your body stay fit from within, thus making them ready for weight loss.


Loaded with Fiber

Soluble fibre like Oatmeal can absorb and trap liquids, remember how oats soak water while cooking. Your body absorbs soluble fibre and traps the cholesterol, and assists in the removal of bad cholesterol from your body. Apples have been shown to reduce total cholesterol due to its high fibre content.

Storehouse of Antioxidants

Almost every fruit or vegetable has a unique array of antioxidants that assist the body in shielding itself from oxidation or what can be called as normal wear and tear. Some antioxidants found in apples help reduce the oxidation of fat cells. If too many fat cells are flooded with the blood then someone comes under the risk of getting clogged arteries, this eventually leads to heart problems.

To protect your heart by regularly eating apples!

Apple helps you burn fat through blood sugar regulation

All the nutrients in apples work collectively to help keep blood sugar stable. Certain nutrients extend the amount of time it takes for the apple to get digested and converted into simple sugars (glucose) that your body uses for energy. Then there some other nutrients which slow down the process of pushing this glucose into the bloodstream.

This really helps because when the glucose is slowly released into the blood, the blood sugar does not spike, the body does not have to work more to manage a high dosage of sugar. This provides a feeling of satisfaction for a longer period of time.

In the meantime, some other nutrients present in the apples ask the body to produce more insulin, which helps to get the simple sugars out of our blood and turn them into energy. Apples contain some nutrients that slow the process of digestion, this slows the release of glucose, increases the availability of insulin to process the glucose. Even if we wanted, we could not have designed this process better.

Apples & Breakfast

Regular intake of apples along with a controlled diet and lifestyle will definitely help you lose those unwanted kilos.

A medium apple has about 95 calories in it. This is very good for those on a low-calorie diet. Keep your energy levels up by having apples in between meals.


Apples contain lots of fibre in them which act as a primary weapon in weight loss. The fibre present in it gives a feeling of fullness, making it easier to stick to your diet. It also reduces the time taken to get the food digested while it is in the digestive tract.

Having an early morning breakfast that does not spike your blood sugar is a good way to kickstart your metabolism, as opposed to having a plate full of carbs that send your sugar levels soaring.

Best Time to Eat an Apple

A folklore in South Korea believes that eating apple little early in the day is better than having them late towards the evening. There might also be some scientific understanding behind it let’s see.

Bowel movements are greatly affected by eating apples. The peel of the apple contains rich fibre like pectin. When you an apple in the morning it stimulated your bowel movement. So, in case you are suffering from constipation, eating an apple in the morning can be of great help.

Additionally, the pectin present in it helps protect the lactic acid and helps the growth of the lactic acid bacteria in the colon. This helps avoid and treat constipation and remove carcinogens.

The organic acids which are found in abundance in apples help with digestion.

However, eating an apple in the evening puts a burden on the digestive system and affects the bowel movements negatively, in spite of having the same pectin in it.

By the time you are ready to sleep, you will feel gas fill up your stomach.

You might also have the urge to go to the toilet several times and hence may not wake up fresh the next morning.

Additionally, organic acids present in the apples can increase your stomach acid beyond your comfort level. With all these negative side effects, it’s not suggested to eat apples after dinner or during night time.

However, do not get paranoid hearing this south Korean folklore.

Those of you who have a normal digestive function and healthy stomach can eat an apple at any time throughout the day. You should know that it is always good to eat apples unpeeled since peel and its underlying flesh are where apple’s various nutrients including fibre, are present.

May 2, 2016

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