Six months is a good enough time to see some significant changes in your weight. You can lose anywhere between 7 and 27 kg if you follow a proper diet and regular exercise. But remember that your body takes a time to adapt to any change. Pushing it to lose weight in a few days will make your appearance dull. For example, you may get black spots under your eyes. Below are the two most important ways, which if you religiously do, you can shed extra kilos in six months.


This is the most important factor when it comes to weight loss. The type and quality of food you eat can make a difference to your weight loss goal. The easiest way to achieve your goal is following this equation: calories in – calories out. And the most effective diet is the one that involves nothing but home-cooked meals.
juice for weight loss
Include vegetable and fresh fruit juices sans sugar, as it will automatically improve your health. Many people find it tough to give up on carbohydrates completely. We recommend rotis made of Chane ka aata and sometimes you can swap them with Rajgira aata rotis. Also, try being stingy while adding oil or ghee on the rotis. This will go a long way in cutting down calories. Upping your intake of protein and fiber can help in losing weight.
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So, for the next six months increase your intake of vegetables, fish, lean meat, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Cut back or eliminate processed carbohydrate rich foods such as pizza and potato chips.

Flex Factor

Since your goal is to lose weight, chose one activity from running, swimming, or any other cardio exercise and club these with strength training. Do cardio for around 15 minutes followed by 40 minutes of weight training. You can also play sports like badminton and volleyball. The other way is dancing to your favorite numbers. Every form of movement contributes to burning calories.
If you don’t exercise already, start off slowly. Once your stamina and endurance go up, begin to increase the intensity at which you workout. Try to get 30 minutes of exercise that makes you sweat, at least four times a week.
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Getting good rest after an intense workout session is also important, as this is when your body heals itself. Chronic tiredness can negatively impact how much weight you lose.
One thing to finally note is that exercise, especially weight training, builds muscle. And just like fat, muscle has mass. So you may feel discouraged when you look at the weighing scale, thinking that you have not lost as much weight as you had hoped to lose. But what has happened is that you have burnt off excess fat and built muscle.
The same weight of muscle is much more compact than fat, so while you may not see the changes on the scale, you will surely see them in the mirror.
To conclude, what you eat and how active you are will determine how much weight you end up losing.

July 25, 2017

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