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Pain Free & Easy Weight Loss for Working Women

Pain Free & Easy Weight Loss for Working Women

Working women rarely get time to themselves, let alone time to exercise. So if you are facing this dilemma, here are some easy weight loss tricks for you.

Make a Healthy Start

A good breakfast will not only help you to pull along the day without the afternoon slump but also prevent you from feeling famished and overeating. If you are away from home on a holiday or business trip and find yourself having very little choice, opt for 1 glass of cold milk with cornflakes or fruits (any amount) or a sandwich without butter with cucumber and tomato or egg and toast with no butter or steamed idlis or steamed dhoklas, or khakra and buttermilk.

However, if you are the type who has just no time for breakfast at all and have to rush out of the house in the mornings then carry a fruit or two along with you and munch it in the car or bus or while walking.

Munch on Something Healthy for Lunch

Lunch is a critical meal because it is usually eaten when the mental and physical energy levels are on a downward trend. Working lunches should be low in fat and high in protein as mental energy tends to ebb after a high-fat meal, as fat takes longer to digest than other nutrients. Try to avoid rice and curry, rice and dal, burgers, biryanis, dosas, idlis and sambar, noodles, cream, soups, cornstarch-based Chinese soups, fried starters whether veg or non-veg, pav bhaji, wada pav, and pizzas. These are the commonly available lunchtime traps that most people tend to eat and feel light headed and sleepy afterwards.

Evening Weight Loss Snacks

Your evening snacks should include any wheat biscuit or khakra, popcorn or just fruits, or vegetable juices or 1 glass of milk with some cornflakes. It will help you feel full while facilitating healthy weight loss.

Dinner to Order

You can eat a dinner that will add to your productive hours helping you to keep active well past your bedtime (if you so wish to!) or you can eat a dinner that will work along with your biological rhythm easing you into a more relaxed and easy state of mind while helping you lose weight. Active dinner options would include chapattis with curd, vegetable, and chicken or paneer or soup with pasta and vegetables. On the other hand, the dinner choices that help you relax can be rice, dal, and vegetable with potato and salads.

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