If people going on diet are looking for the ideal low calorie drinks, they can go in for buttermilk, jaljeera, coconut water, any of the vegetable juices such as tomato, cucumber, or spinach, and of course, pure plain water.
Crash dieting can also lead to hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). This is a condition where the person might feel giddy during the afternoon or suffer from hypokalaemia (low potassium levels) brought about by water loss. When you lose body water, you tend to flush out a lot of potassium through your urine. This leads to muscle weakness, fatigue, palpitations, and leg cramps. Moreover, dehydration can bring about low blood pressure in certain people.
You can avert such dieting disasters and lose weight the healthy and natural way without troubling your body. When you go on a monitored weight loss program, most women retain the glow on their faces.  This is especially true if they go in for a nutritious weight loss program. When you add enough green vegetables, whole grains, and pulses to your diet, you will be absolutely delighted with the results since you watch your skin grow firmer and tauter, devoid of acne, and with a glowing radiance.

August 31, 2016

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