If you have heard that belly fat is dangerous because it could lead to numerous health issues, you are absolutely right. The presence of excess belly fat is the biggest indication that you have visceral fat. Visceral fat is extremely dangerous and can affect your health even before you know it. Therefore, the best way out is to get rid of the belly fat. This will help you stay healthy and fit.

Dangers Of Belly Fat

The crucial aspect of belly fat that you need to know is that it is not just limited to the additional layer of padding right below the skin, also known as subcutaneous fat. This fat includes visceral fat, a very dangerous form of fat that resides s deep within your abdomen and surrounds all your internal organs.

Large amount of belly fat increases the chances of you developing dangerous health issues such as:

Belly Fat – Age & Genes

You need to know that the way you would balance the food you eat with the energy you burn largely determines your overall WEIGHT. Therefore, if you decide to eat a lot and exercise very little, you will most likely add extra pounds, which will lead t the formation of belly fat.

However, age factor plays a major role in gaining belly fat. With age you lose a lot of muscle, especially when you do not have a physically active schedule. Moreover, this loss of muscle mass results in a decrease in the rate at which your body utilizes the calories you take in. This makes it that much more challenging for you to maintain a healthy weight for longer periods.

Furthermore, with age, fat cells present in the arms and legs of certain people lose the ability to store fat. Consequently, any excess fat would go towards your abdomen, leading the to formation of belly fat. In many cases, your genes can also have a direct bearing on you being obese or overweight. Your gene can also decide where your body stores the excess fat.

August 30, 2016

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