Biochemists refer to FAT as lipid and it is solid at room temperature. However, oil is liquid at room temperature. All fats and oil are made up of fatty acids. It is the individual fatty acids that make all the difference to our health. This makes a good case for understanding good and bad fats.
Excess body fat is more than just a cosmetic problem. It’s a health problem, which you should not ignore. Your waist circumference helps our experts predict the presence of VISCERAL fat in your body. Visceral fat surrounds your liver, pancreas, and intestines. It is metabolically active and dangerous for your health. Presence of this fat is the most vital indication that you need to lose weight.
Visceral fat harms
It releases harmful chemicals, which could lead to any/all of the following lifestyle problems:

Getting rid of the visceral fat should be the first major health objective for you if you want to lead a healthy and confident life. Ignoring it simply makes you vulnerable to any of the above health issues.

August 30, 2016

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