4 Simple Ways to Detoxify for a Healthy Body

4 Simple Ways to Detoxify your Body

We humans have very little control over the problems that surround us. However, we can definitely rev up our machinery to tackle these problems better. We cannot relocate to the Himalayas to get away from these toxins, but we can definitely detoxify our body.

The most effective way to clean your body of all those unwanted toxins is to detoxify your system. Detoxification helps in deep cleansing and aids in effective weight loss.

Here are 4 Simple Ways-

  1. Foods that detox your body
  2. Massaging the body
  3. Exercise helps in detox
  4. De-stress and remove negative emotions

Foods that Detox Your Body

Foods are one of the best ways to detoxify your body in order to help you lose weight, boost energy, and gain health. There are a lot of commonly available foods that can help to detoxify the liver.

a) Chlorophyll-Rich Foods
b) Cleansing Foods & Herbs

a) Chlorophyll-rich foods: Cholera, Spirulina & Wheatgrass

Chlorella is a round shaped, single cell organism which is extremely rich in chlorophyll. They have a strong green colored pigment which reflects the fact that they are loaded with chlorophyll.

It has many vitamins and minerals and all of the essential amino acids. Spirulina is a spiral, multi-cell organism. It is very rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and both omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Both of these superfoods are high in protein and antioxidants and extremely good in absorbing heavy metals and other toxins.

Just like Chlorella and Spirulina, Wheatgrass contains Chlorophyll. It is loaded with nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, B vitamins, potassium, vitamin A, Vitamin K and vitamin C. It has almost 17 amino acids and is a rich source of protein. It is a potent detoxifier that neutralizes toxic substances with enzymes and cleanses the body of heavy metals and other unwanted substances.

A single glass of wheatgrass juice and alfalfa seeds contain chlorophyll, which acts as a liver tonic.

b) Cleansing foods & herbs: Garlic and deep-coloured vegetables

Garlic has an active ingredient, a sulfur compound named Allicin. It increases the primary healing properties of garlic. Garlic helps prevent or at least reduce the severity of common cold and the flu, lowers blood pressure, lowers LDL cholesterol, and is an antioxidant. It is also antibacterial & antifungal. It binds heavy metals and helps us to detox. Try eating 3 or more cloves each day. Always wait 10 minutes or so after cutting or crushing the garlic to cook it or eat it raw to allow the allicin to form.

Try opting for deeply-coloured vegetables. Carrots and beets are extremely beneficial, as they contain antioxidants, bioflavonoids, and carotenoids, which have a healing and cleansing effect on the liver.

2. Massaging

Self-massaging your body with warm sesame oil is a very good way to promote circulation and maximize your detox effects.

3. Exercise

Exercising is another way of eliminating toxins in our body. Here the detoxification happens through the skin. However, people go to extremes in their attempt to detoxify, which is a concern. Occasionally, on learning about detoxification, people fast more than they should, taking enemas and exercising excessively. Soon, they begin to lose essential nutrients from their body. This can cause protein, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies. The point that is being made here is that, while excessive intake of wrong foods can lead to the formation of toxins, excessive detoxification is equally harmful.

4. De-stress and remove negative emotions

De-stress your emotions every day. By the end of the day try unwinding with a cup of warm camomile tea. Meditate and reduce all negative thoughts. Go to bed after unburdening all the worries of the entire day. Sleep well to get up re-energised every morning.

August 29, 2016

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