Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the beta cells, which are cells that are scattered throughout the pancreas. The insulin produced is released into the bloodstream and travels throughout the body. Insulin is an important hormone that has many actions within the body. Insulin also is important in regulating the cells of the body including their growth.

Insulin resistance (IR) is a physiological condition where the natural hormone, insulin, becomes less effective at lowering blood sugars. The resulting increase in blood glucose may raise levels outside the normal range and cause adverse health effects. Certain cell types such as fat and muscle cells require insulin to absorb glucose. When these cells fail to respond adequately to circulating insulin, blood glucose levels rise. The liver helps regulate glucose levels by reducing its secretion of glucose in the presence of insulin. This normal reduction in the liver’s glucose production may not occur in people with insulin resistance.

In the presence of peripheral insulin resistance, pancreatic β-cell insulin secretion increases in a compensatory fashion. Therefore, it is essential to examine the β-cell function in the context of peripheral insulin sensitivity. Fasting hyperinsulinemia is present in obese PCOD women. Insulin responses to an oral glucose load are increased in lean and obese PCOD women. When the relationship between insulin secretion and sensitivity is examined, lean and obese PCOD women fall below the relationship in weight-matched control women, and the disposition index is significantly decreased by PCOD. Overall, the most compelling evidence suggests that β-cell dysfunction, in addition to insulin resistance, is a feature of PCOD.

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August 31, 2016

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