is your hair fall normal

Is your Hair Fall is Normal?

Is your hair more visible on the floor than on your scalp? Does your shower drain often gets clogged with clumps of hair? Watch out! Though it is normal to lose 80-100 strands of hair each day, but there are cases where people lose almost double the amount of hair each day.

A major portion of your hair is always in a growing phase while a small portion of it is at a resting phase which means that this small portion of hair will fall out and make space for new hair. But when you feel you are losing hair more than usual, do not panic. This could happen either due to stress or lack of vitamins.

Since hair is a non-essential tissue, it is easily affected by any kind of stress that your body takes. However, this can be cured with proper intake of essential vitamins and by taking good care of yourself.

With an increased use of hair products and other treatments, the quality of hair is degrading thus leading to an increase in hair fall. Also, if a person does not treat his or her hair nicely, does not keep them clean or look after them, they are bound to fall out.

But the most common causes of hair loss are usually associated with:

  • Deficiencies in iron
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B 12
  • Medical conditions such as hypo or hyperthyroid complications

If you experience excessive hair shedding for more than three months, then you should definitely seek the advice of an expert since this is not a normal sign.

In order to provide you with relief, we present to you a solution that is absolutely natural and poses no side-effect. The integrated Homeopathy treatment at Health-Total gives you the best way to fix the underlying problem that can help your hair return to its lively self. The treatment is absolutely natural that works at the root level of the disorder to give you a solution that lasts for a lifetime. Also, the added benefit of nutrition helps to heal the issue faster by supplying you with an adequate amount of nourishment.

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