10 signs that point towards thyroid

10 Signs that point towards Thyroid

Thyroid gland produces hormones that control all the activities in your body. It regulates the protein synthesis, energy rate and your body’s response to other hormones. There are several signs that point towards thyroid disorder but don’t be careless and ignore them. If ignored, your thyroid might get severe and might pose a threat to your health system.

Looking out for signs that can detect thyroid, then read what our health experts have to share with you:

  1. Weight Gain: Not losing weight in spite of staying fit or unexplained weight gain is a sign of thyroid.
  2. State of mind: Your state of mind also gives you a thyroid signal especially to those suffering from anxiety, depression and so forth.
  3. Lack of sleep: Sleepy even after 8-10 hours of sleeping? Do you wish to take a nap frequently? Careful, thyroid might be approaching you!
  4. Body pain: People who often complain about muscle pain, joint issues or tendonitis might get affected with thyroid.
  5. Body nourishment: If your feet remain dry or nails get brittle, you might be at a risk of thyroid. Also, men who start experiencing male pattern baldness should get their thyroid checked.
  6. Swelling in organs: When you see a sudden swelling in your neck or start snoring or develop a dry voice, chances are you might be suffering from thyroid.
  7. Congestion: Severe congestion is your respiratory system or any other body organs are also signs of thyroid.
  8. Endocrine issues: Those suffering from PCOD, infertility, hormone imbalances and sporadic periods are at a risk of thyroid.
  9. Cold body: If you are one of those who often suffers from cold hands and feet, or has a body temperature below 98.5, you might be getting closer to thyroid.
  10. Mental State: Signs of thyroid also include poor concentration, bad memory or mind fog.

These signs can help you determine thyroid but a proper health guidance might help you fight the symptoms. So don’t stop right there. Give us a missed call on 1-800-843-0206 or book your appointment  to get a free consultation from our team of expert doctors and nutritionists.

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