connection between hyperthyroidism and weight loss

Connection between Hyperthyroidism and Weight Loss

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland gets overactive and produces extra thyroid hormone. It occurs when the thyroid gland produces excess T3, T4 or both. Thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ located in the front of your neck and releases hormones that regulate:

  • Body temperature
  • Control your metabolism
  • Heart rate
  • Body weight

When the thyroid gland gets overactive, your metabolism becomes faster thus leading to hyperthyroidism. In such a case, you may experience:

  • Weight loss
  • Nervousness
  • Fluctuating heartbeat
  • Anxiety
  • Excessive sweating
  • Sleep problems

The most common cause of hyperthyroidism is an autoimmune disorder called Graves’ disease that usually runs in the family. It is common mostly among women. Other causes of hyperthyroidism include:

  • Thyroiditis, or thyroid nodules
  • Inflammation of the thyroid
  • Excess consumption of iodine
  • Tumours in the thyroid or pituitary gland
  • Excess tetraiodothyronine (consumed through dietary supplements or medication)

When the BMR of a person increases, the thyroid becomes overactive and results into weight loss. Furthermore, the amount of weight you lose depends completely on the severity of overactive thyroid. Thus, an increase in a person’s BMR due to overactive thyroid leads to caloric requirements to maintain that weight.

Hyperthyroid can be best treated with homoeopathy. However, we at Health Total bring you a unique combination of integrated homeopathy and nutrition to help you deal with your health disorders. Our treatment is completely natural and has no side-effects. The integrated homeopathy treatment at Health Total focuses on:

  • Nutritious diet: Since hyperthyroid leads to weight loss, many believe that extra calories can make them gain weight. However, the right way is through proper nutrition supply and proper diet.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D: Hyperthyroid leads to thinning of bones. Hence it becomes necessary to include calcium and Vitamin D supplements to improve the bone health.
  • Improved lifestyle: Lifestyle modifications is one of the key elements to improve your health. The various aspects of treatment, when combined with lifestyle management, gives you a positive result to last a lifetime.

If you too wish to make a difference to your health, get yourself a health expert. Simply gives us a missed call on 1-800-843-0206 or book your appointment  to get a free consultation from our team of expert doctors and nutritionists.

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