Causes Depression and Anxiety

Causes of Depression and Anxiety

The feelings of depression and constant anxiety are neither natural nor normal. They reflect a serious mental disorder which could be a result of a number of hidden causes. They are as follows:
Inherited traits
Mental disorders can be inherited if they run in family and this increases your risk of suffering from the same.
Environment exposure
The environment we live in, especially our home atmosphere, has a huge impact on our state of mind. An environment of stress, conflict, anxiety, hostility or unhappy family situations can negatively impact our state of happiness.
Substance abuse
The exposure to harmful substances, such as medicines, alcohol, drugs or cigarette smoke, both before as well as after birth can lead to mental and physical disorders.
Traumatic childhood
Its common for individuals who have experienced a traumatic event in their childhood, to suffer from depression or anxiety in adulthood. Unfortunate events such as death or a loved one, bullying, a serious accident or illness, could scar them for life.
Ongoing illness
In today’s world, almost everyone is suffering from some sickness or the other. Individuals suffering from a life threatening disease such as cancer, heart disease, etc., are more prone to depression and anxiety

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September 14, 2016

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