causes of sinusitis

Causes for Sinusitis

Sinusitis can occur due to various reasons. It could be acute, subacute, chronic or recurrent. It usually starts with inflammation triggered by cold, allergy attack or irritant. Listed below are some of the causes that lead to sinusitis:

  1. Allergies – One of the most common causes that trigger sinusitis is an allergy. From fever to flu, dirt or food, the allergy could arise due to any given factor.
  2. Respiratory infections – Any infection in your respiratory system thickens your sinus and blocks the mucus membrane. These infections could be bacterial, viral or fungal.
  3. Crooked Septum – If your nasal septum is deviated or crooked, there are chances that it might block your sinus and result in sinusitis.
  4. Other medical disorders – It is also seen that people who are suffering from fibrosis, HIV, gastric problems or immunity related issues are bound to get affected with sinusitis.
  5. Nasal Passage Abnormality – Any abnormal tissue growth in your nasal nerves could directly result into sinusitis.
  6. Exposure to pollutants – When a person is continuously expose to pollutants of various types, he or she is at a great risk of nasal blockage. This blockage further leads to sinusitis and other respiratory disorders as well.

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September 12, 2016

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