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Beauty & Health Benefits Of Garlic

Beauty & Health Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic has been passed on since ages as an herb to enhance your beauty and heal various illnesses. Not only has it been used as a cure and a beauty aid but also a talisman to ward off evil. Each mini clove of a Garlic is loaded with many nutrients like little calcium, sulphur, zinc, selenium and allicin.

Health Benefits Of Garlic

Here are some of the important beauty and health benefits of Garlic.

Cares for your heart

It is observed that Garlic often does wonders for your heart health as well as the overall cardiovascular system. Garlic has been found very effective at lowering blood cholesterol. A regular habit of eating Garlic helps inhibit blood clot formation.

Manages High Blood Pressure

It is advised to crush 2 garlic cloves and then eat it. This helps manage blood pressure levels by lowering bad cholesterol and thinning the blood. For those who hate the odor of Garlic, can also try taking the Garlic supplements.

Aid for respiratory disorders

Garlic helps regulate mucus due to its prophylactic action. It is observed to be effective as a decongestant as well as an expectorant for those suffering from common colds and other diseases of the chest. Getting daily doses of garlic helps protect the lungs  and aids healing of diseases such as bronchitis, tuberculosis, and pneumonia

Anti-Cancer Aid

Post conducting a number of tests it has been proved that Garlic is effective against tumors. Eating fresh garlic significantly reduces the chances of breast cancer. In fact, it is found to be a better antioxidant than Vitamin E and also helps improves liver conditions.

Beauty aid for skin

Garlic is said to act as an excellent natural, the simple and safe remedy for much external skin and hair issues dandruff. The allicin compound in it increases its concentration on crushing the garlic.

  • By supporting your body internally, Garlic helps increase clearing your complexion.
  • It is well- known as a blood- cleanser and an immunity– booster due to its antioxidant properties.
  • Its anti bacterial properties are strong enough to clear acne, athlete’s foot, fungus as well as dermatitis.
  • You may also mix a paste of 1-2 crushed garlic with thick aloe vera gel and lightly apply over acne to get rid of them.
  • One can also add crushed garlic in warm coconut or olive oil and slowly massage on hair roots. The Sulphur compound, allicin boosts the blood circulation around the roots thus improving growth.

Although its strong smell can impose problems while interacting socially, it is too good a health tonic to let that get in the way of its consumption. Make sure to include it every day in your meals and see your health improving rapidly.

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