Garlic is the most common ingredient used in Indian preparations not just because of its pungent taste and smell but also because of the proven health benefits of garlic. It not only has health and beauty benefits but also antibiotics and antifungal properties. Each mini clove of a garlic is loaded with nutrients such as calcium, sulphur, zinc, selenium and allicin.

Benefits of Garlic

Here are some of the amazing health and beauty benefits of garlic that are supported by various studies –

1. Good for heart

Studies have shown that garlic has done wonders for the heart health as well as the overall cardiovascular system. This ingredient is effective at lowering blood cholesterol. So, eating garlic regularly helps inhibit blood clot formation.

2. Manages high blood pressure

Just crush 2 cloves of garlic and eat it on an empty stomach every morning. This helps lower high blood pressure and at the same time acts as a natural blood thinner. For those who hate the odour, but want to avail benefits of garlic, try taking garlic supplements!

3. Aid for respiratory disorders

Garlic benefits in many ways. One such is that garlic helps cure lung infection. The nutrient allicin found in garlic has the capability to kill the bacteria that triggers lung infections. Consuming garlic daily will protect the lungs and help in healing diseases such as bronchitis, tuberculosis and pneumonia.

4. Anti-cancer aid

Cancer patients are always told to eat more of vegetables that fight the disease. Studies have shown that garlic is effective in treating tumours. In fact, eating fresh garlic can significantly reduce the chances of breast cancer. Garlic is a loaded with a mineral known as selenium, which has cancer-fighting properties.

5. Reduces bad ‘LDL’ cholesterol

Some studies have shown that eating half a gram or one gram of garlic improves cholesterol levels. It also lowers the clotting properties, kills bacteria and alleviates certain digestive disorders. Consume garlic for at least 2 months to see a drop in bad cholesterol levels.

6. Improves bone health

You already know some amazing garlic benefits. But did you know that daily consumption of a small clove can improve your bone health? Studies have found that garlic can better bone density in a person suffering from atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is hardening and narrowing of the arteries due to plaque build-up in the artery wall.

7. Treats cold and cough

Raw garlic works wonders on a sore throat and common cough. Just 2 crushed cloves of it lessen the severity of cold and cough thanks to the nutrient allicin.

8. Weight loss

Garlic helps in weight loss by increasing the metabolism rate of the body.  It burns fat and reduces bad ‘LDL’ cholesterol levels, thus help you lose weight.

Health Benefits of Garlic for Skin, Hair

benefits of garlic for skin

9. Treats acne

Garlic, along with honey and turmeric can treat acne. It also cleanses the skin due to the presence of antibiotics and treats skin conditions like rashes, psoriasis, cold sores and blisters.

10. Prevent hair loss

Garlic benefits hair growth because the sulphur content in it contains keratin – the protein the hair is made up of. So, garlic stimulates hair growth. Rubbing just one clove of garlic on your scalp can promote hair growth. Raw garlic is rich in vitamin C, which again promotes hair growth.

11. Warts

Garlic has antifungal properties that help in fighting bacterial infections on the skin such as warts. Juts rub one clove of garlic on the infection daily for quick results.

12. Blackheads

Smash some cloves to make a paste. Apply this paste onto the blackhead and leave it for some time. Garlic paste will seal the pores and remove blackheads. Use warm water to wash your face.

13. Anti-aging

Regularly applying garlic paste on the face reduces wrinkles to some extent. The antioxidants present in this herb control free radical build-up, keeping your skin young, fresh and glowing. You can add honey to the garlic paste to further enhance your beauty. Isn’t that one of the amazing benefits of garlic?

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November 15, 2016

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