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Don’t Fall Prey To These 8 Fast Slim Diet Plans

Have rapid weight loss achievements featured on the web captivated your attention? Are you aiming to lose 10 kilos of weight in merely a week by going for one of the diets available online? If yes, be aware that the diet plans that seem to offer you incredible weight loss results in a short span might end up hampering your health. While losing weight, you need to make sure that your health doesn’t suffer and that you enjoy sustainable weight loss. There is no dearth of weight loss diet plans on the web. And, if you are unable to distinguish and choose the right one, you may end up going for one which would do more harm than good to your health. So, knowing which diet plans are not healthy and selecting a healthy diet plan is a crucial step when embarking on your weight loss journey. Here’s a list of fast slim diet plans that you should stay away from while choosing a healthy diet plan for weight loss.

8 Fast Slim Diet Plans To Avoid:

    1. Carnivore Diet:

    The carnivore diet plan for weight loss involves consuming meat mostly. It may direct you to eat meat along with eggs and fats, such as cheese. Even though you may come across weight loss success stories of people turning slim by following the carnivore diet on the web, avoid going for this diet. This is because the carnivore diet is not a healthy diet nor does it offer sustainable weight loss outcomes. High saturated fat contents in this diet increase your risk of developing high bad cholesterol levels. Also, the carnivore diet eliminates several healthy diet foods that are genuinely nutritious for your health. It lacks fresh fruits and vegetables which build your immunity and promote healthy weight loss.

    1. Atkins:

    Atkins diet is one of the most known low-carb fad diets. It involves restricting your intake of carbohydrates and increasing your intake of protein and fibre. So, your body ends up burning more fat than carbohydrates. You might have heard of people losing about 15 pounds of weight in merely a couple of weeks with this diet. However, while you go for this low-carbohydrate diet, much of your weight loss is water loss in the initial phases of this plan. So, you experience rapid weight loss. However, a healthy and sustainable weight loss should not be drastic. Moreover, the Atkins diet does not work for long-term weight loss goals. It doesn’t top the best diets for weight loss, as it increases the risk of adverse impact on heart health. It increases your risk of heart attack and stroke. Also, eating large quantities of animal-based food sources for increasing your protein intake with the Atkins diet, increases your risk of developing cancer.

    1. Whole30 Diet:

    This diet focuses on eating whole foods and involves the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. While whole foods are at any time better than processed foods when it comes to weight loss and general health benefits, the Whole30 diet lacks several dietary staples. It does not involve the intake of legumes, dairy, and grains. So, the Whole30 diet fails to offer you sustainable weight loss. Often, it is a restricted 30-day diet. Without essential nutrients from legumes, grains, and dairy in your healthy diet chart, you may find it difficult to stick to this plan for longer. Also, when you resume eating foods that the Whole30 diet restricts after completing 30 days, you may end up consuming more than your body needs. You may end up following the restrict-binge cycle, which is again not healthy.

    1. Ketogenic Diet:

    One of the most famous diets among dieters is the ketogenic (keto) diet; however, there prevails a lack of research related to its safety and effectiveness for sustainable weight loss. The keto diet involves the intake of foods high in fat and low in carbohydrates. It is wise to avoid following this diet as you may end up gaining weight once you go off the plan. Also, the keto diet restricts the consumption of foods that help combat or prevent heart diseases and cancer. So, if you wish to get in shape without hampering your health, stay away from this diet. It does not involve the intake of legumes and whole grains. You may experience a change in the mineral and water balance of your body when following the keto diet.

    Also, the diet recommends moderate protein intake. So, people planning muscle building or having high protein requirements may not find this diet beneficial. Consulting a certified nutritionist can help you receive a customised healthy diet chart for an Indian family that will promote desired weight loss while meeting your health and nutritional needs and improving your immunity.

    1. Paleo-Vegan (Pegan)

    The paleo-vegan diet combines the paleo diet with vegan characteristics. This diet suggests the intake of plenty of vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and oils; but, it eliminates the consumption of gluten and dairy. Also, the pegan diet limits the intake of grains and beans. The paleo-vegan diet restricts healthy food groups, such as dairy and whole grains. The removal of these healthy diet foods can make you suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

    Cow’s milk is rich in calcium, vitamin D, protein, and potassium. Whole grains are a good source of vitamins, fibre, and minerals. Eliminating these foods from your healthy diet plan for weight loss can make you suffer from nutritional deficiencies, such as calcium, thiamine, iodine, magnesium, iron, and folate deficiencies. Also, consuming foods comprising whole grains reduces the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Removing or limiting them when following the pegan diet can increase your risk of developing these conditions. Beans are a great plant-based source of protein, phytonutrients, and fibre. Restricting them in your healthy diet chart can deprive you of fibre, proteins, and crucial nutrients.

    1. Liquid Cleanse Diets:

    You may come across juice cleanses and other kinds of cleansing diets involving mostly fluids. While you might lose weight soon by following these fluid-dominant cleanse diets, they fail to offer you sustainable weight loss benefits. You don’t enjoy weight loss for a long span with juice cleanses. Also, you happen to consume inadequate calories that may make you suffer from low blood glucose levels, weakness, fainting, appetite, and headaches. Juice cleanse diets lack sufficient intake of proteins and fats that are essential for smooth brain function, good physical health, and healing. Eliminating these nutrients can hamper your health badly. If the diet involving juice cleanses includes laxatives, one may lose a lot of essential nutrients while passing stools and suffer from electrolyte imbalance and dehydration.

    1. The hCG Diet:

    hCG diet is another fast slim diet where you happen to lose one or two pounds of weight daily. It involves ultra-low intake of calories i.e. 500 calories daily and injection of the hCG hormone. hCG stands for human chronic gonadotropin, and its elevated levels are present in the body during pregnancy. hCG hormone products are available in various forms, such as oral drops and sprays. The combination of extreme low-calorie intake and hCG injection focuses on dramatic weight loss. However, the safety of this diet is a concern. It can cause side effects such as fatigue, headaches, and depression. So, it is wise to avoid this diet that promotes super rapid weight loss.

    1. Diets Requiring Skipping Meals or Starving Practices:

    You should not starve or skip meals. Skipping meals or starving hampers your health adversely. If you are making efforts to develop a calorie deficit by skipping meals, you may end up losing skin tone and muscle mass. It also leads to the accumulation of body fat in the midsection, thereby increasing your belly fat. Instead of skipping meals or starving, you may eat less but eat more frequently to lose weight healthily. Certified dieticians can help you have a personalized healthy diet plan that involves the right, nutritious foods and proper eating timings; so, you improve your health while getting in shape.

    So, if you are longing to get in shape quickly by following a healthy diet, be sure you don’t go for any of these eight fast slim diet plans. Approaching certified dieticians at Health Total can help you lose those extra kilos healthily. Our health experts provide you with a customised healthy diet plan that not just helps you achieve your fitness goals naturally but also nourishes you with all essential nutrients, meets all your health requirements, and boosts your immunity. Also, such a diet plan does not cause any side effects and offers you sustainable weight loss benefits. So, make no delay, reach out to us at Health Total and pave your way to get in shape with our personalized healthy diet plan for weight loss.

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September 20, 2022

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