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9 Lesser Known Factors That Could Affect Your Weight Loss

Are you following a diet plan for weight loss and doing workouts regularly yet failing to get in shape? Are you wondering why you are unable to lose weight despite all your efforts? If yes, it could be due to other factors, which are often unknown or less known to us. Usually, we work on our diet and exercise regimen when it comes to losing weight. But, besides these common practices of diet management and working routines, other factors influence your weight. Developing your dietary habits and making lifestyle modifications by considering these lesser-known factors can work wonders in helping you get in shape. Consulting a certified dietician can help you figure out which lesser-known factor is keeping you from losing weight and help you receive a customised plan, such as a veg diet chart for weight loss for females , to achieve your fitness goals. So, you are might be wondering, which are those lesser-known factors that can affect your weight loss, aren’t you? Scroll down to discover all about them and how can you manage them with diet plans for weight loss.

9 Lesser-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Weight Loss:

Here are nine lesser-known factors that influence your weight loss.

    1. Stress:

    Stress is one of the major contributing factors that can impact your weight loss efforts negatively. It prevents you from losing weight. Some of you might indulge in overeating when in stress, and this can make you gain weight. Also, chronic stress is harmful to your health. The long-lasting stress can lead to increased inflammation, brain fog, and hypertension, affect your psychological and physical health negatively, and lead to weight gain. So, take time out of your busy schedule to practice relaxing techniques, such as yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation. Also, consulting a nutritionist can help you include foods that relieve stress in your diet. Avocadoes, sweet potatoes, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, strawberries, oranges, unsweetened yoghurt, and artichoke are some nutritious foods that you can include in your veg diet chart for weight loss for females and men.

    1. Hydration:

    Keeping your body hydrated also has a significant role in promoting weight loss. A dehydrated body experiences a reduced metabolism, which hampers your weight loss efforts. Drinking an adequate quantity of water daily helps, your body carry out all its functions smoothly and efficiently. Several times, hunger cues are often thirst cues. You might eat greater than what your body needs when your body is not well hydrated. If you feel hungry after eating a heavy meal, have a glass of water instead of munching on snacks. Make sure that you drink water more consistently throughout the day when following a veg diet plan for weight loss. Your water intake requirements depend on your body and activity levels. If you are more active, you may need to drink a greater quantity of water. However, ensure you have eight to ten glasses of water daily.

    1. Sleep:

    Continuous, sound sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight. Often, the significance of sleep is undervalued by most of us when trying to lose weight. Sleep deprivation can make you experience undesirable weight gain and obesity. When we fail to get sufficient sleep, our body happens to release ghrelin, a hunger hormone. Also, insufficient sleep impacts thermoregulation and it affects our weight management adversely. Besides these, sleep promotes lipogenesis, which is the synthesis of fat, in the digestive system. So, good sleep helps our body to use the fat for energy instead of storing it. This aids weight loss. So, when following a diet chart for weight loss for female vegetarians, make sure that you have 7 to 9 hours of sound, refreshing sleep every night.

    1. Gut Health:

    Your nutrition and diet are not just confined to what you consume but also linked to how your digestive system and body digest it. Your gut microbiome impacts your weight management directly. So, having good gut health improves your body’s response to your weight loss efforts. The greater good (beneficial) bacteria exist in your gut, the easier your weight loss. The intake of probiotics can helps reduce your fat mass and weight. If you are following a healthy diet, managing your stress levels, doing exercise, and sleeping well yet finding it difficult to lose weight, consulting a health expert can help you improve your gut microbiome and achieve the desired weight loss. Adding fresh, unsweetened yoghurt to your veg diet plan for weight loss can enhance your gut health and promote weight loss.

    1. Vitamin Levels:

    Good levels of vitamins matter when it comes to weight loss. Optimal vitamin D3 levels have a crucial role in promoting weight loss. A deficiency of vitamin D3 increases your appetite, so you may eat more and gain undesirable weight. Good vitamin D3 levels block non-essential fat absorption, thereby preventing weight gain. Also, optimal levels of vitamin D3 increase your metabolism by 20% to 30%. So, your body happens to burn more fat and get rid of undesirable weight. Seeking the precious guidance of nutritionists can help you have sufficient levels of vitamin D3 in your body by following a customised veg diet plan containing mushrooms and having vitamin supplements if need be. Also, soaking up some sunlight every morning can stimulate the generation of vitamin D3 in your body.

    1. Iron Levels:

    The deficiency of iron in your body can make you feel fatigued. It also decreases the calorie-burning ability of your body. So, a lack of iron levels in your body affects your weight loss efforts negatively. Also, lower serum iron concentration is known to have a link to obesity. Fortunately, improving your iron levels can help improve your blood pressure, boost weight loss, and impact other metabolic markers positively. So, include foods rich in iron in your veg diet chart for weight loss for females and males. Apples, leafy greens, beans, dried fruits, and nuts are some foods abundant in iron.

    1. Hormones:

    The hormone circuit in our body is quite complex and impacts several body functions. Hormones not just affect our sleep, mood, reproduction, and hunger, but also affect our weight management. You might be aware of the thyroid gland and its hormones. The thyroid regulates the process of metabolism in every cell of your body. An inexplicable weight gain can occur due to thyroid tissues. You can also experience weight gain due to slowed metabolic rate and dysregulation of the bioenergetics circuit due to hormonal imbalance. So, hormonal balance is crucial. If you are experiencing inexplicable weight gain or if you are unable to lose weight despite all proper weight loss efforts, consult health experts for your hormonal or thyroid health. They can provide you with the correct veg diet plan for weight loss focusing on your thyroid health and hormonal balance. This can help in promoting good health in general and desirable weight loss.

    1. Food Sensitivities:

    How your body responds to the foods you eat has a role in weight management. When you consume foods that you are sensitive to, your body responds to them as if they are invaders, thereby leading to inflammation and water retention. So, you end up gaining weight and damaging your body cells and organs. Every person is different and each person’s body may react differently to different foods. The food that is healthy for one person might not be healthy for the other. Your body might be sensitive to the food that is known to be healthy in general. So, learning what is healthy for you can work in maintaining a healthy weight. When trying to lose weight, identifying your food sensitivities can help. Eliminating the foods that you are sensitive to from your diet chart for weight loss for female vegetarians can promote smooth weight loss.

    1. Genetics:

    Genetics plays an active role in weight management. Your genes influence the variation in your body weight largely. Nutrigenomics can help you modify your diet and promote smooth weight loss. In nutrigenomics, health experts study how foods and nutrition modify the expression of your genes and how your genetic make-up responds to nutrients and bioactive components. Knowing this, nutrigenomics experts can help you have the diet that suits your genetic composition the best for promoting weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. So, you may go for nutrigenomics counselling and receive the best veg diet plan for weight loss that suits your genes the best.

    So, if you are working hard to lose weight but unable to achieve the desired weight loss, consider these nine lesser-known factors. Consulting certified dieticians, such as health experts at Health Total, can help you receive a customised veg diet chart for weight loss by considering all these factors and enable you to achieve your fitness goals smoothly and naturally. Our diet plans for weight loss not just help you burn calories and achieve a desirable reduction in weight but also address your health needs, eliminate nutritional deficiencies, and boost your immunity. So, hurry up, reach out to us at Health Total, and get in shape effortlessly with our personalized veg diet plan for weight loss

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September 17, 2022

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