Fat Loss Diet Plan for Males

Sustainable and Authentic Fat Loss Diet Plan for Males

Are your rigorous workouts and rigid, restrictive diets helping you lose weight rapidly only to gain it back soon? Are you looking for sustainable weight loss benefits that will help you stay in shape for long? It’s time that you need to opt for a sustainable and authentic diet plan for weight loss for males. Men happen to have more lean muscle tissues than women, and they burn a greater number of calories than body fat even while resting. Even though males happen to lose weight faster than females, men find it difficult to lose belly fat. Genes and gender have a role in fat storage. And, men happen to put on greater fat in the abdomen so they happen to have greater belly fat. Losing this abdominal fat not only helps men to get in shape but also aids in preventing the risk of the development of chronic health issues, such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, obesity, and more. A customised belly fat loss diet plan for males  can help men lose weight without taking a toll on their health. Seeking the guidance of certified nutritionists can help you receive healthy meal plans for weight loss that nourish your body and improve your health while you lose weight. Read on to discover more about the sustainable fat loss diet plan for males.

How to Follow Sustainable and Authentic Fat Loss Diet Plan for Males?

A sustainable weight loss plan for men focuses on eating right, instead of only eating less. It takes care that your body and health do not suffer when you lose weight. Such a quick weight loss diet plan provides you more energy, nourishes your body with all essential nutrients, and boosts your immunity while keeping the weight off. Here are some dietary tips that help men develop and follow an effective fat loss diet plan .

  1. Every Morning Have Your Breakfast:

One of the most important habits to keep in mind and follow sincerely when making weight loss efforts is that have your breakfast every morning. Researchers have discovered that men who skip their breakfast are more likely to suffer from obesity than those who have their breakfast regularly. Having your breakfast every morning is putting kindling on your metabolic fire. So, this helps improve your metabolism and prevents the storage of fat in your body. Eating a healthy breakfast also nourishes you and charges you up for the day ahead. Ensure that you eat within 90 minutes after you wake up in the morning daily. Men who avoid eating for longer than this span have a highly increased risk of turning obese.

  1. Incorporate Proteins in Your Diet:

One of the effortless ways for men to get rid of belly fat is to consume an adequate quantity of proteins in their diet. Eating foods rich in proteins helps makes you feel full for longer, so it prevents you from snacking on food now and then. Sufficient intake of protein helps you maintain metabolically active mass even when you cut back on calories. The consumption of protein-abundant foods helps you build muscles while your belly fat melts away. Legumes, soybeans, beans, eggs, fish, and dairy foods are some rich sources of proteins that you can include in your meal plans for weight loss.

  1. Fill Up on Fibre:

One of the best ingredients in your diet plan for weight loss is fibre food sources. Adequate intake of fibre helps slow down the digestion rate that helps you feel full for longer, reduces your sugar cravings, and prevents weight gain. Thus, it helps you enjoy sustainable weight loss outcomes. Besides this, fibre binds with cholesterol and prevents its entry into your bloodstream. Thus, it helps prevent high cholesterol levels and associated health risks. Eating fibre-abundant foods also relieves constipation issues. So, to lose weight healthily, you may include nuts, legumes, seeds, whole grains, vegetables and fruits rich in fibre in your quick weight loss diet plan.

  1. Boost Your Intake of Iron:

Iron is one of the most crucial nutrients that play a vital role in maintaining good thyroid health. While following a diet plan for weight loss for males, if you fail to consume adequate iron, you may develop thyroid disease, such as hypothyroidism. It may make you suffer from not just fatigue, shortness of breath, and weakness but also weight gain. So, include foods rich in iron in your diet such as spinach, apples, legumes, broccoli, dark chocolate, and shellfish.

  1. Try Intermittent Fasting:

One of the effective and easy dietary methods to promote weight loss in men is intermittent fasting. It is not a complex process. This technique focuses on when you eat food. When trying intermittent fasting, you eat in a specific time slot and then don’t eat for some hours of the day. It does not involve long periods of fasting. Instead, you follow alternate spans of eating and not eating. Also, in the ‘not eating’ span, you may savour not more than 50 calories of food. So, if your fasting timeslot is in the early morning, you may have a shot of milk. The idea behind limiting your intake of calories during your fasting period during intermittent fasting is to avoid a spike in your glycaemic index.16/8 is the most well-known technique of intermittent fasting. In it, you fast for 16 hours and eat food for 8 hours. As intermittent fasting allows you to eat sufficient food in the non-fasting slab and not more than 50 calories in the fasting window, it does not hamper your health while you lose weight.

  1. Opt for More Healthy Fats:

While you work to burn belly fat, including healthy fats in your diet is not harmful to your weight loss effects. Instead, healthy fats help in increasing your satiety and minimize the risk of weight gain in future. Also, they make your weight loss smoother, as you feel less tempted to eat. So, add foods such as almonds, whole milk, fatty tuna, salmon, and olive oil to your fat loss diet plan. Also, take care that you avoid unhealthy fats. Do not eat processed foods containing trans fats and saturated fats.

  1. Go For Whole Foods In Place of Refined Carbohydrates:

Having whole food in the men’s meal plans for weight loss is a good way to nourish your body with plenty of crucial nutrients, fibre, and antioxidants. Processed foods or refined carbohydrates are quite deficient in nutrients, low in fibre, and known to have a high glycaemic index. Your blood sugar levels fluctuate when you consume high GI foods. So, opt for whole foods, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole milk, as they deliver a healthy dose of nutrients to your body and leave less room for high-fat and high-calorie foods. So, adding whole foods to your diet promotes weight loss and health improvement. Go for whole grain bread, barley, quinoa, oats, and whole-wheat pasta; and say no to white bread, processed cereals, and pasta. Choose to have whole milk instead of processed ones.

  1. Stay Hydrated

One of the simplest ways to promote weight loss is drinking a sufficient quantity of water. Intake of water boosts your metabolism and aids weight loss. Water is a calorie-free fluid, so, hydrating your body by drinking ample water won’t cause any weight gain. So, make it a habit to have eight to ten glasses of water daily. Also, instead of caffeinated beverages, you can go for green tea which is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, and other micronutrients.

Sample Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Men

Here’s a sample of an authentic and sustainable fat loss diet plan for males that will help you stay fit and enjoy good health.


Early Morning (at 7 am): 1 glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice added to it or 1 glass of green juice (comprising palak, ginger, and mint leaves juices)

Breakfast (at 8 am): 1 bowl of oatmeal + 2 boiled egg whites /½ bowl of sprouts

Mid-Morning (at 11 am):  A handful of nuts, such as 2-3 almonds, walnuts, and dry date

Lunch (at 1 pm): 2 Chapatis + 1 cup of cooked vegetables + 1 cup of curd + 1 plate of fresh green salad

Mid-afternoon (at 3.30 pm):  1 glass of buttermilk or 1 fruit

Evening (at 5 pm): 1 cup of green tea

Dinner (at 8:00 pm): 1 bowl of vegetable soup + 1 cup of brown rice or 2 small roti of millet + 1 cup of green vegetables + 1 cup of kadhi or daal

If you are working hard to shed those extra kilos, build muscles, and enjoy sustainable weight loss benefits naturally, opt for a fat loss diet plan for men. Consulting health experts at Health Total can help you have a personalized quick weight loss diet plan that helps you not just get in shape but also stay in shape for a long span effortlessly. Meal plans for weight loss that certified nutritionists at Health Total provide you with not just help you lose weight but also nourish your body with all essential nutrients, eliminate nutritional deficiencies, and boost your immunity. So, waste no time, reach out to us at Health Total, and embark on your smooth sustainable weight loss journey with our customised fat loss diet plan.

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August 22, 2022

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