Certain signs of acidity can be extremely tedious to bear. When the gastric glands of the stomach produce extra acid than the usual amount, it leads to acid reflux. Here are some signs that could point towards the fact that you could be suffering from acidity.

Burning throat

This is the first and one of the most common symptoms of acidity that you will experience. The moment you feel the burn in your throat, it’s better to take precautions and keep yourself away from acidity.

Sour Taste

When the stomach acid rises back to your throat, it leaves behind a sour taste. The taste is unpleasant and it is a clear sign of acidity. You may also experience a burning sensation after this.

Frequent Regurgitation

One of the common occurrences, regurgitation is the backlash of food particles or liquid or bile moving up your throat.

Chest Burn

Due to the extra heat produced during acidity, the chest starts to feel a burning sensation. At times, this sensation might be severe and could make it unbearable for you.


At times it also leads to vomiting. In cases where the body is unable to hold the food back or the presence of acid aggravates the digestion procedure, the person can end up vomiting.

August 22, 2016

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