The next time you feel stressed, note that you are risking an increase in cholesterol levels. Here are three ways in which stress impacts cholesterol-

Stress, anger, and negative emotions impact your heart. Well, your heart truly is a delicate organ. It leaps with joy when you are happy and it feels heavy as a stone when you are low. Stress, anger, and negative emotions make an impact on your heart. A Harvard medical school research states that the average risk of a heart attack increased, two hours after the outset of anger, by two to three times.

Stress Leads to Depression

In addition to anger and distress, psychologists also emphasise on feelings of depression and helplessness having a direct link with stress. To put it simply, we are physiologically different when we are happy and sad.

Release of Cortisol & Destruction of HDL Cholesterol

Even when the cholesterol level is not high enough to obstruct the arteries, negative emotions make an impact. They cause the release of a biologically toxic chemical known as ‘cortisol.’ It causes a spasm in the arteries and cuts the blood flow to the heart muscle. The result is angina pain and at times it can be even more fatal. Every time you experience a negative emotion, more cortisol is produced. This destroys the HDL cholesterol. Negative and suppressed emotions are major contributors to heart disease. They promote blood clots, cause thickening of arterial walls, leading to hypertension. Heart diseases after a certain age have become as common as a common cold, especially in the metros.

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Treating Cholesterol Now Easy

In many cases, stress can turn out to be fatal for an individuals mental and physical health. So don’t let stress ruin your health and steal away your happiness. Chat with our medical experts today, and let us figure out which diet and lifestyle changes we can offer you, to help you live a healthy and stress-free life! Call us now on our toll-free number 18002660607 for your first free consultation.

August 19, 2016

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