Pulling Out Hair

What is Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania also known as trichotillosis refers to an impulsive-control disorder where an individual feels an uncontrollably strong urge to pull their hair either from their scalp, eyebrows or other body parts. It can be witnessed among infants but the peak age at which it generally starts is from the age of 9-13 years. It is mostly triggered by depression followed by a sense of relief after you pull your hair.
It is a body-focused repetitive behaviour that can result into hair loss from any part of the body. This is more common among in females as compared to men. This particular disorder creates a strong desire in an individual to pull out their hair irrespective of their body parts. it is a chronic disease that can continue for lifetime if not treated on time.
The causes of Trichotillomania could be related to various issues that include depression, stress, anxiety and trauma. For a few the problem could persists for weeks while others may experience this issues for years. The symptoms for trichotillosis include constant biting and chewing of pulled out hair, contentment after pulling out hair and patchy area of missing hair. Trichotillomania is slightly more likely if it runs in the family.

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