causes of hyperactivity

Causes of Hyperactivity

Our genes and lifestyles have a huge impact on our lives. Therefore, if not properly managed they can have a negative effect on our mental well-being.  Here are the main causes of hyperactivity in children.
A child is more likely to be born with hyperactivity, if it runs in the family. Also, boys are three times more likely to be affected, than girls.
Food habits
The consumption of sugar or caffeine laden foods such as pastries, sodas etc., boosts energy levels and causes hyper behaviour. However, a small percentage of children are severely affected by this.
Hostile environment
The home should be a place of safety and comfort. However, if the home environment is stressful and chaotic, it negatively effects the child’s mental health.
Attention deficiency
If the child witnesses a lack of attention from parents, they behave in a way they think will gain attention from them. However, this behaviour may not be favourable by others.
Lack of exercise
Children have a lot of energy stored up in their bodies. Its important they engage in physical activities to get rid of excess energy as insufficient physical activity leads to an excessive energy build-up.
Lifestyles changes
Children get easily stressed. Sudden lifestyle changes such as, shifting of homes, death of a loved one or divorce of parents, may come as a shock. They find it hard to adjust to this change and retaliate through improper behaviour.

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