symptoms of hyperactivity

Symptoms of Hyperactivity

It your child is extremely talkative, mischievous or energetic, it does not necessarily mean that they are suffering from a hyperactivity disorder. Hyperactivity is a prolonged disorder, which has 3 distinct types and each type is characterised by specific symptoms. They are as follows:
A child suffering from inattentive hyperactivity is not overly active, therefore this form of hyperactivity often goes unnoticed. The child also displays the following symptoms.

  • Difficult to follow instructions.
  • Difficult to pay attention.
  • Cannot stay focused on activities.
  • Gets easily distracted.
  • Often misplaces items.

Impulsive/ Hyperactive:
A child suffering from impulsive hyperactivity is hyperactive in nature, often disrupts the classroom but they are able to pay attention in class. The child also displays the following symptoms.

  • Talks excessively.
  • Constantly interrupts others.
  • Extremely impatient.
  • Keep fidgeting.
  • Cannot sit in one place for long.

A child suffering from the combined type of hyperactivity, will display symptoms of both the inattentive as well as impulsive hyperactivity. This is the most common type of hyperactivity. The child also displays the following symptoms.

  • Gets easily distracted and distracts others.
  • Unable to pay attention.
  • Cannot follow instructions.
  • Cannot stay quiet for long.
  • Often careless and forgetful.

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