people who can get affected by hyperactivity

People who can get affected by Hyperactivity

Hyperactivity is a prolonged behavioural disorder, which affects young, pre-school and school going children. Children are more likely to inherit the disorder through a parent or relative and boys are three times more likely to suffer from hyperactivity, compared to girls. Majority of boys suffer from an impulsive hyperactivity disorder, which is easier to spot. However, girls on the other hand, generally suffer from inattentive hyperactivity disorder, which is difficult to spot and many a times goes unnoticed and thus untreated. If not inherited, this disorder can be onset due to a number of unfavourable conditions. They are as follows:

  • Children who live in hostile environments.
  • Children who do not get sufficient attention from parents or family.
  • Children who have lost parents or loved ones.
  • Children who go through an undesirable lifestyle change.
  • Children with divorced or separated parents.
  • Children who have experienced a traumatic experience in their life.

Hyperactivity can often continue into adulthood, and worsen over time if not treated at the right phase. Therefore, if you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms in your child, over a prolonged period of time, it would be wise to seek medical help at the earliest.

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