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Health Benefits of Kokum Juice

While we go crazy with supplements from all over the world, the secret to youth and vitality lies in our backyard. Kokum is undoubtedly one of the healthiest souring agents throughout India. In Goa and Konkan regions it’s ravished as the digestive Solekadhi, in Maharashtra it’s made into a Kokum Amti/dal, go further south it’s made into the fine Rasam.

Health Benefits of Kokum Juice

To optimize its amazing health benefits, it’s juiced up all over India. So here are these 10 surprising health benefits of Kokum juice.

  • It’s got the cools! The excellent cooling benefit of Kokum Juice is not very well known in some parts of India. It’s no wonder that the coastal population of India uses it generously to beat the heat, be it in their curries, chutney, juice, etc.
  • Looking at its deep red color, the high antioxidant properties in Kokum is not surprising. Juice up with Kokum and bid off the free-radicals.Kokum juice benefits
  • The Hydroxy Acetic Acid (HCA) in kokum juice helps lower the conversion of extra carbohydrates into fat. It aids weight loss by regenerating fat metabolism.
  • A regular consumption of 30 ml Kokum juice brings relief in severe acidity.
  • Makes for a natural anti-aging solution to restore youth. It promotes cell regeneration and repair.
  • Consumption of Kokam juice helps in digestive issues likes flatulence, gaseous distention, constipation.
  • It also reduces fever and allergic conditions.
  • It is excellent for the skin. Kokum is used as an infusion, or by direct application, in skin ailments such as acne, rashes caused by allergies.
  • It helps keep cholesterol levels in control and is also good for the liver.

It is best to have Kokum Juice on an empty stomach early morning for maximum benefits. To Know more about Weight Loss, talk to our health experts, book an appointment now or Buy Kokum Juice Online Here.

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