Kokam Juice in Your Weight Loss Diet Plan

While we go crazy with supplements from all over the world, the secret to youth and vitality lies in our backyard. Kokum is undoubtedly one of the healthiest souring agents throughout India and people even choose to add it to their diet plan for weight loss. In Goa and Konkan regions, people use ravish Kokum as the digestive Solekadhi, in Maharashtra it’s Kokum amti / dal and in the South, people make its rasam.

Health Benefits of Kokum Juice

To optimise its amazing health benefits, it’s juiced up all over India. Here are 10 surprising health benefits of Kokum juice.

  • It’s got the cools! Not many are actually aware of the excellent cooling benefit of Kokum Juice. It’s no wonder that the coastal population of India uses it generously to beat the heat, be it in their curries, chutney, juice, etc.
  • Looking at its deep red colour, the high antioxidant properties in Kokum is not surprising. Juice up with Kokum and bid off the free-radicals.Benefits of Kokum in Weight Loss Plan
  • The Hydroxy Acetic Acid (HCA) in kokum juice helps lower the conversion of extra carbohydrates into fat. It aids weight loss by regenerating fat metabolism. This makes it a healthy ingredient in the diet charts for weight loss.
  • Regular consumption of 30 ml Kokum juice juice offers you relief from severe acidity.
  • Makes for a natural anti-ageing solution to restore youth. It promotes cell regeneration and repair.
  • Consumption of Kokam juice helps in alleviating digestive issues likes flatulence, gaseous distention, constipation.
  • It also reduces fever and allergic conditions.
  • It is excellent for the skin. Kokum is used as an infusion, or by direct application, in skin ailments such as acne and rashes caused by allergies.
  • It helps keep cholesterol levels in control and is also good for the liver.

After learning about these outstanding health benefits of Kokum juice, you might be wondering why you should count on it for sustainable weight, aren’t you? Check out the list of reasons that explain how Kokum is an ideal option for juicing for weight loss.

7 Ways That Explain How Kokum Juice Helps in Losing Weight

  1. Promotes Fat Loss

The intake of Kokum helps in the synthesis of fatty acids. This limits the build-up of fats in the body, suppresses the formation of fat cells, and induces weight loss. So, Kokum juice is one of the effective fat-reducing juices that help you achieve your fitness goals.

  1. Regulates Appetite

Kokum is high in fibre, which helps you feel full for longer and keeps your appetite in check. So, kokum juice is a perfect option to include in your juice diet weight loss plan. Besides this, Kokum comprises hydroxy-citric acid (HCA) which acts as an effective appetite suppressant. Drinking this best fruit juice for weight loss helps reduce food cravings and prevents you from overeating. So, you enjoy sustainable weight loss.

  1. A Healthy Option

Kokum is low in calories and contains no fat. So, Kokum juice is one of the healthy juices for weight loss.


  1. Works in Converting Calories to Glycogen

If your body fails to transform all your calories into glycogen at a fast rate, you feel the urge to relish more food to re-energize yourself. So, you eat a lot of calories and end up gaining weight. Kokum is quite effective in converting calories to glycogen. Consuming kokum helps your body to transform most of the calories into glycogen. So, you stay energized and feel full for a long span. This helps in reducing your calorie consumption and promotes weight loss. So, kokum is one of the best juices for weight loss.


  1. Improves Digestion

Smooth digestion is key to achieving your weight loss goals with improved health. The intake of kokum helps in alleviating acidity, flatulence, and constipation and improves your digestion power. A well-functioning digestive system aids in weight loss. So, adding kokum juice to your diet plan for weight loss work wonders in losing weight, Also, you experience an increased immunity as you get in shape.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Effects that Promote Weight Loss

Inflammation in the body triggers obesity in several people. Kokum contains garcinol, an active compound that offers anti-inflammatory effects that help you in losing weight. So, kokum is a great option to add to your juice diet weight loss plan.


  1. Vitamin C Promotes Weight Loss

The deficiency of vitamin C makes people more resistant to fat mass loss. Kokum is a rich source of vitamin C, which is related to waist circumference and body weight. So, regular consumption of the best fruit juice for weight loss can help you lose fat and weight. Besides this, vitamin C also helps prevent the increase in free radicals and helps minimize oxidative stress, which is a contributing factor to obesity. Thus, drinking this vitamin C-rich fruit juice can help you keep obesity at bay and get in shape.

So, if you are looking for the best juices for weight loss to include in the weight loss diet chart for males and females, choose kokum juice. It is best to have Kokum Juice on an empty stomach early morning for maximum benefits. To Know more about Weight Loss, talk to our health experts, book an appointment now or Buy Kokum Juice Online here.

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October 20, 2018

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